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cam•er•a (kamər ə, kam′rə),USA pronunciation n., pl.  -er•as for 1,2, -er•ae (-ə rē)USA pronunciation for 3, adj. 
  1. a boxlike device for holding a film or plate sensitive to light, having an aperture controlled by a shutter that, when opened, admits light enabling an object to be focused, usually by means of a lens, on the film or plate, thereby producing a photographic image.
  2. (in a television transmitting apparatus) the device in which the picture to be televised is formed before it is changed into electric impulses.
  3. a judge's private office.
  4. in camera: 
    • [Law.]in the privacy of a judge's chambers.
    • privately.
  5. off camera, out of the range of a television or motion-picture camera.
  6. on camera, being filmed or televised by a live camera: Be sure to look alert when you are on camera.

  1. Print. camera-ready.

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