Tin Ceilings ( Ceiling Tin #10)

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Tin Ceilings ( Ceiling Tin #10)

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tin (tin),USA pronunciation  n., adj., v.,  tinned, tin•ning. 

  1. a low-melting, malleable, ductile metallic element nearly approaching silver in color and luster: used in plating and in making alloys, tinfoil, and soft solders. Symbol: Sn;
    at. wt.: 118.69;
    at. no.: 50;
    sp. gr.: 7.31 at 20°C.
  2. See  tin plate. 
  3. any shallow pan, esp. one used in baking.
  4. any pot, box, can, or other container or vessel made of tin or tin plate.
  5. [Squash.]telltale (def. 8).
  6. [Chiefly Brit.]a hermetically sealed can containing food.
  7. a small quantity of an illicit drug, esp. from two to five grams of cocaine: usually sold in a small plastic bag, a glassine envelope, or often a small tin container.
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  2. false;
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  3. indicating the tenth event of a series, as a wedding anniversary. See table under  wedding anniversary. 

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tinlike′, adj. 


ceil•ing (sēling),USA pronunciation n. 
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